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One problem many people note when dieting and exercising is compartmentalizing their lives. They think of workout time as only applicable in one place – the gym. But as we all know, a workout isn’t an activity reserved just for the gym. You can have a rewarding and effective workout practically anywhere.

The team behind Hydroxycut products has put together a list of some great workout ideas for outside of the gym. This could apply to people who are looking for a changeup from their regular routine. It could also help those who don’t have a gym membership. In any case, have a look and see if you find a routine you like.

  • Idea: The Playground

A typical playground has all sorts of equipment you could use for an effective workout. Obviously your first challenge is to make sure it’s available. Don’t start an intensive workout when lots of kids are at the playground. Your best bet is to work out in a place like this in the evening or early morning.

You could use the monkey bars for pull-ups, dips, or other strength training. You can run along a playground as an HIIT obstacle course. You could work on other equipment-based skills like balance. The sky’s the limit in creating an interesting routine at your local playground.

  • Idea: Setting a Challenge Course for Running

It’s one thing to simply head out the door and go for a run. Most people have a few set routes they like to follow when they run. But over time even this can grow stale as a form of exercise. One option to solve this problem is to set up a challenge for yourself.

Create a course from your neighborhood or park run. Now, take a test run to get a base time it takes you to complete. The challenge is to set a certain time to improve your base time within a week or two. You can use this challenge time dynamic to motivate your run. And small challenges like these often help improve your overall fitness results.

  • Idea: Take a Hike

A challenging day hike can provide a wealth of workout benefits. You can get a great cardiovascular routine in by hitting the steep slopes or running. You can enjoy some strength training climbing up or down steep areas. You can even improve skills like balance and stability in rougher patches.

Most areas have great hiking trails within a modest drive. These excursions also provide benefits beyond the physical. They give you great visuals to truly enjoy your activity. They even provide a quiet, reflective environment for many people. They’re a great way to get fit, get outside, and really enjoy yourself.

Opening Up Your Fitness
There’s no need to compartmentalize exercise as one component one hour a few days a week. Instead, think of exercise as an integrative activity. Choose activities beyond the gym that also serve as great exercise. This will help bring regular physical activity into your everyday life. And it will also help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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